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Let me introduce myself: I'm a man of hate and disgust.

The Antagonist is the main character of Hatred. He has long black hair, pale white skin, and wears a long trench coat.

Little is known about him beyond his seething Hatred for humanity. While there are many speculations on his backstory from a possible military background (hence his skilled use of firearms) to him being a personification of Death incarnate (as seen in the Steam Trading Cards and his ability to regenerate health from executing people) none of this is confirmed by the devs who wish such history and motivations left unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • He originally had no name, only being dubbed "The Antagonist" but the developers agreed to officially name him Not Important after the fans chose that name.
  • Surprisingly, he is referred to as "the Hero" by the devs at times.
  • His voice actor is credited as "Clint Westwood", who is speculated to be Jon St. John although this is unclear.
  • He is a guest character in POSTAL Redux who is unlocked via cheat code.

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