The Sewers is the 2nd level in Hatred. Despite it's name, only half of the level takes place underground with the other half taking place in a marina.
T LS lvl 02

The Antagonist lying in wait for canned meat.

Sewers Edit

Having successfully cleansed the police station, The Antagonist retreats underground to set up an ambush. SWAT and police officers give pursuit into what will soon be their watery graves.

Objectives Edit

  • Find a way out of the sewers

Marina Edit

After eluding the authorities in the Sewers, the Antagonist comes across some beachfront property in need of "Something Special".

Objectives Edit

  • Slaughter the Marina residents (80)
  • Survive the raid

Side Quests Edit

  • Cleanse the Pier
  • Exterminate the Hotel Guests
  • Hunt Down the Hunters
  • Burn Down the Shops

Trivia Edit

  • There is an achievement for executing 20 junkies called "Winners don't use Drugs" referencing old arcade games which had the slogan pop up during their attract modes.

Gallery Edit